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The Truth Is Rarely Told (Part 1)

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How do you view truth? Are you someone who genuinely senses the importance of truth in your life? Can it be found? Do you believe that the way ahead for America hinges on finding the truth about the problems we face before we can determine solutions?

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Am I Producing Fruit?

2 Peter abortion action actions adult advantage ahead always anxiety anxious approval attitude believe better Bible biblical christian living cope discipleship

But until you leave this earthly home, John’s message still has great relevance. As Matthew 3:9 commands, are you producing fruit that is in keeping with repentance? What does good fruit look like? When the Bible talks about fruit, it is talking about the way you are living your daily life.

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It’s Time for You to Act, Lord! (Part 2)

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Over the centuries, great empires or nations have had an average life span of 250 years. Why? The decline was not usually due to outside threats. Rather, in many cases, prosperity, commerce, literacy, and learning all grew to a point where people became proud and failed to follow God. Like the crew of the Titanic, leaders can develop a sense of invincibility. They see only 10 percent of the iceberg in their path—they don’t see the 90 percent lurking under the water.

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It's Time for You to Act, Lord! (Part 1)

abortion action actions america anxiety anxious attitude attitudes babies battle believe Bible biblical cancel culture character children choices christian contentment control cope corrupt country covid CRT decision discernment enemy eternity evil faith family future

In the days leading up to The State of the Union address, I tried to make an honest assess about America. Beside the non-stop rhetoric and grandstanding by political leaders on both sides about their accomplishments, how are we really doing. What’s the truth?

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Would you agree that patience seems to be lacking in our society these days? So how can I become a more patient person—at home, at work, among friends, and even while I'm driving? Willpower alone can produce some level of patience, but our Creator made provision for us to be patient at those moments when willpower falls short.

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