"Let's Roll" | Facing Tough Times (Part 2)

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If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Biblical Examples of Calls to Action

There is nothing commendable about Christians failing to confront evil. Many of the worthwhile discoveries and advancements throughout civilization have occurred through the efforts of Christians who rose to confront big challenges. As just one example, we applaud “the Greatest Generation’s” confrontation of evil dictators like Hitler and Mussolini during World War II. Many men and women of that generation were motivated by their faith in Christ.  

The Church is not doing much these days to combat the evils of our time. Have we forgotten that “evil triumphs when good men are silent?” 

Men and women of the Old Testament fought the evil of godless nations. David triumphed over the evil giant, Goliath. Deborah led Israel to victories against an enemy nation. Prophets boldly proclaimed the warnings and judgments of God to evil kings. 

New Testament personalities likewise took brave action against evil. Some were imprisoned, others were tortured, and many died for their stand for the gospel and its principles in an empire ruled by godless leaders.  

Let's RollJesus certainly wasn’t silent in the face of evil. He cast out demonic spirits, raised the dead, rebuked hypocritical religious leaders, and ran greedy moneychangers out of the temple. He rebuked Satan to his face and reminded a Roman governor that he had no power over Him. 

The United States is on a dangerous path. It’s time to roll. It’s time to take action to turn our country around. It’s time to call out evil for what it is and to take steps to stop evil in its place. 

A Plan to Get Started

Christ’s followers need to emulate “the warriors of Issachar who understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (2 Chronicles 12:32). Collectively, we need to identify, understand, and take responsible action to confront the serious issues facing our country today, whether it is such evils as abortion, suicide, addiction, and crime, or the mishandling of such responsibilities as public education, immigration, foreign policy, our military, the economy, work, welfare, marriage, family, and so much more. At the core of these issues is the need to stop the erosion of American values and the growing abandonment of God as our Guide. 

Below is a starter list of issues we need to address.  It’s not exhaustive, but it can serve to guide our efforts. No one of us can become involved with all these concerns. I suggest that you review the list and ask God what actions He might want you to take. 

Seek God for wisdom and pray for America.
Reestablish and follow the biblical principles and values that our Founding Fathers followed in writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Hold our elected leaders accountable in restoring law and order in our country. Fund necessary growth in law enforcement at every level. 
Strengthen our military to ensure that we have the means to defend this nation and its national interests.
Strengthen our borders and enforce present immigration laws.
Establish international trade policies and practices that support our national interests.
Put people back to work. Limit welfare to those who legitimately can’t work.
Take action to limit tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google from stifling free speech in America.
Widen opportunities for education that teach truth. Parents should have choices regarding where and how to educate their children. Ensure that the truth about American history is taught, especially the values and principles that our Founding Fathers followed when establishing our democratic republic.
Strengthen our legal system at all levels. Punish the guilty, but develop effective programs to rehabilitate those who are willing to change.
Institute voting reform that guarantees fair and honest elections at all levels. Encourage all voters to become informed and know what each candidate stands for. Don’t elect people to serve in public office who don’t possess good character and a solid track record of responsible, moral service.
Resist all efforts of woke ideology to tear down our great nation as they advocate Critical Race Theory and other ideologies that divide rather than unify.
Keep capitalism strong because it has worked to make America the richest and most powerful nation on earth. 
Fulfill your civic responsibility and voice your opinion through appropriate channels. Don’t be intimidated by groups like Black Lives Matter.
Strongly resist efforts by liberals to destroy God’s plan for proper social order, to include sexual identity, marriage, and teaching about the family.

The Choice Is Ours

The above steps represent only a beginning. Turning America back in the right direction is a tall order. It will require individual Christians and the Church at large to stand up, speak out, and act.   

Remember two things. First, God has never needed a majority to accomplish His will. Frequently He has called individual men and women to lead, especially during dark and desperate times. Second, we have God on our side. He rules. He will carry out His plans.

It’s time to roll. Is God calling you to action? What does He want you to do? 

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