Vol. 5: Maximizing Your Leadership Impact
Vol. 5: Maximizing Your Leadership Impact
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Vol. 5: Maximizing Your Leadership Impact

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Scripture contains hundreds of timeless truths that if learned and applied could enhance leadership at all levels across this nation and around the world. The amazing characteristic about these truths is that they apply to every language and culture—no exceptions because God designed his truths to be universally relevant for all mankind for all time.

This devotional book is for leaders who desire to consult God for the wisdom and the guidance needed to become better leaders. While the material is largely geared towards for military leaders, the principles apply to all desiring to lead more effectively. Let God’s Word help you to become a more effective leader and a better person. If we would have better leaders, we will have a better world.

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Chapters in this volume include:
1. Bowing to God's Authority
2. Responding to Truth
3. Understanding your Purpose
4. Knowing your Commander
5. Serving the Needs of People
6. Knowing your Enemy
7. The Power of Perspective

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