Forging The Warrior's Spirit: Vol 1 Living the Life of Faith
Forging the Warrior's Spirit Cover
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Forging The Warrior's Spirit: Vol 1 Living the Life of Faith

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From a person's first breath until last, life is a battle. Every human being, know it or not, is engaged in spiritual warfare. The stakes are high and the outcome echoes into eternity. On one side is God, Creator and Sustainer of everything that exists. He sent His Son, Jesus, on a rescue mission to give us life, both now and throughout eternity. On the other side is Satan and all of his evil forces of death and darkness. He has one main mission: to steal, kill, and destroy human souls.Spiritual warfare is a reality, but God assures us that ultimate victory belongs to Him and His followers. Until that time, however, spiritual conflict rages with billions of souls hanging in the balance. He has invited us to join His Army and fight with Him.

Spiritual growth can happen in your life. The key is getting to know God more and more through His Word. The better you know Him, the more you will be amazed by His love and mercy. You will desire His presence and want to serve Him in every way you can. We believe this is a lifelong process and are committed to provide support by helping you take one Scripture verse or short passage at a time, study it, and apply it in your daily living. You can become a powerful and effective warrior for the Lord.

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