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Vol. 3: Building Resilient Marriages & Families

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Divorce rates for military couples generally match those of the rest of American society. We do know that since 9/11 the huge numbers of married soldiers deploying has resulted in a noticeable spike in divorce within the military. Despite focused attention by military leaders, efforts have not achieved the desired outcomes. In matters relating to marriage and family, brave warriors and their families seem to succumb to the same issues that plague the rest of American society.

Statistics fail to tell the whole story. What about the quality of life that exists within marriages and families that do survive? Are couples happily married and raising healthy families, or are husbands and wives simply holding on for dear life in an effort to get the children raised?

Marriage is challenging, and so is raising a family. It has always been this way. I encourage you, however, to set your goals much higher than mere survival and to believe that you can succeed in both areas far beyond your present level. God says.

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Chapters in this volume include:

  1. Commitment: Marriage Built On The Rock
  2. Communication: Give it Your Best
  3. Finances: Handling Wealth
  4. Faith and the Family: If You Can?
  5. Handling Conflict: Make it a Fair Fight
  6. Children: Children Belong to God
  7. Priorities & Balance: Keep the Big Picture

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        “Good Field Manual”

        “Chaplain Scott McChrystal is a combat veteran and Spiritual Warrior who has captured the essence of winning the daily fight against mankind’s spiritual enemy. This is a good field manual for every Christian who wants to be prepared for battle.”

        ~ LTG Jerry Boykin, USA (RET), Commander of Delta Force and Commander of USASOC

        “Excellent Tool”

        “Scott McChrystal knows God and he knows military personnel. ‘Strength for the Battle’ brings the two together in a powerful way. Scott’s 30 plus years of military leadership enables him to speak with biblical authority into the minds of veterans. This is an excellent tool for bringing veterans into the transformational presence of God.”

        ~ George O. Wood General Superintendent, Assemblies of God General Council

        “Heightens Spiritual Awareness”

        “The stresses of military training and combat heighten spiritual awareness. Scott McChrystal’s book hits that mark beautifully! These stories and devotions are solidly focused on God’ Word, and written in a way that uniquely connect with the military. The Lord prepared him for this work: first as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam, a Master Parachutist and Ranger; then as an Army Chaplain serving soldiers and families across the Army, he is father of two soldiers.”

        ~ Kenneth L. Farmer, Jr., M.D., MG, USA (Ret)

        “Time…with his King”

        “Every man, particularly a warrior, needs time every day with his King. Focused, purposeful, gripping time. And if he’s a busy man (know any warrior who’s not?), the punch of that time is served well by a directed devotional book like this one offered by my friend, Scott McChrystal, who is himself a tested warrior. And a busy, focused, and purposeful man. Enjoy the journey with him. Drive on!”

        ~ Stu Weber Former Special Forces Officer and Vietnam veteran, author, international speaker, pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Boring, Oregon

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