Easy-to-Understand Book Introductions- All 66 books in the Bible have an introductory page containing the author, date of writing, an overview, facts about the book, key verse, and Warrior Essentials, a focused statement about each book's relevance to the warrior. 

Themefinder Index- Groupings of scripture verses relating to key themes (topics) are listed and instantly located using this helpful index. Readers can quickly learn what the Bible says about topics such as anger, fear, forgiveness, love, suffering, and many more important topics. Bible verses are arranged developmentally to help less experienced Bible readers grasp the essentials of each subject.

Feature Index- Approximately 550 application-oriented "call outs” have been written to show the relevancy of Scripture to the warrior’s every day struggles. These “call outs” are found sprinkled throughout the Old and New Testament and are located next to the specific scripture verse/passage being addressed.  

Articles For the Warrior- This section presents 50 longer writings that deal topically with important subjects such as:

  • Growing Spiritually During Deployments
  • Servant Leadership
  • Foundations Of A Christian Worldview
  • Why Should Christians Serve In The Military?
  • Replacing Fear With Faith
  • Singleness And The Christian Warrior
  • Staying Connected To Your Family During Deployment
  • The Parent Of A Warrior

Prayers- Prayer is simply talking and listening to God. Sample prayers are offered to guide warriors, family members, and other members of the military community in their efforts to talk to God. Sample prayers include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Confessing Sin
  • Warrior’s Prayer
  • Spouse’s Prayer
  • Child’s Prayer
  • Parent’s Prayer
  • Prayer For The Loss Of A Loved One

How To Know God- This special feature provides a step-by-step method for how to know God and to enter into an eternal relationship with Him.

Concordance - A concordance is an alphabetical index containing the principal words of this Bible along with reference to the verse in which each listing of the word occurs.