Freedom Fighters—5 Volume Action-Thriller Series

Sins of the Fathers— ( Vol. 1 )

A new faith-based-thriller from Scott McChrystal and Scott Harrup. Available now!

Sins of the Fathers, Vol. 1 in the planned five-book Freedom Fighters series, takes readers to the frontlines of Vietnam and Afghanistan. Half a world apart and decades removed from each other, two warriors in two conflicts deal with the unchanging and timeless cost of combat.

Battlefields look different, but whether the hot zone is in Vietnam or Afghanistan the personal costs are the same. Fathers and sons, husbands and wives — every relationship is impacted.

Vietnam veteran Scott McChrystal and journalist Scott Harrup connect readers with the life challenges warriors and families encounter — while deployed or on the home front.

The five installments in the Freedom Fighters series will offer men and women in uniform a clear presentation of the gospel through action-driven fiction. At the same time, each title is intended to honestly address key issues military personnel face. PTSD, pornography, drug abuse, divorce — these and other life crises drive the storyline and invite the discovery of faith-founded solutions.


Col. Scott McChrystal is a true leader. Sins of the Fathers gives a profound perspective into the soldier¹s spiritual and human condition; it also reinforces the fact many wars are won on the battlefield of prayer. A must-read for past, present, and future leaders/warriors. (Brian McCroskey, former Army Ranger & participant in Somalia's 'Black Hawk Down' operation)

Military life stretches a home at the seams. Marriage to a hard-core Marine is not for the faint of heart. Don't give up. Read this book.  (Stormy Davis, wife of multi-deployed Marine)